A Better Way…

As we trudged out into the snowy driveway once more, I felt somewhat defeated before we even began. The air was frigid and we were surrounded by snow in every direction, piled up six, seven, eight feet and more depending on which direction you looked. The feat for the morning was to try to knock down the snow banks at the end of the driveway. This way, we might be able to see the oncoming traffic on our busy street before pulling out to get to wherever we might need to go.

As I looked up at the snow banks, I felt like crying as I thought, “Oh God, we are drowning in snow! There’s nowhere to put it. I can’t take any more of this!” Then, after standing there for a few moments, I picked up the shovel and began to tackle my side of the driveway. (We had decided on the divide and conquer approach.) As I chopped away at the snow bank, lifting the shovel up and knocking down the snow from the top of the bank and then using the shovel to hoist it as far back as possible, I realized that this was not going to work for much longer. My way of trying to lift and then throw shovelfuls over such tall mounds of snow, was too hard. It was becoming clear very quickly that my way was not the best way. I was fighting a losing battle. I needed a new approach.

As I looked at the snow bank, an idea popped into my head. I immediately thought, “I can’t do that! I’m right next to the road…a busy road. The snow is not compacted enough. It’s not safe.” To which the response was, “Give it a try. It will be okay.”

As I looked to my left, I noticed the post for the mailbox, which I knew was cemented under the ground as well as surrounded by snow. So, after clearing some snow away from the top of the post, I began my ascent, feeling out the territory with each step so as to detect the soft spots without falling through. In what seemed like a couple of seconds, there I was, standing on what felt like the top of the world and with a new perspective.

It was a magical moment as I looked around at all of the snow…a sea of snow! The sun glistening across it, the sky a steady beautiful blue, and not a cloud in sight. My feeling of defeat replaced with hope and renewed strength. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

No longer bogged down, I was able to work faithfully to complete the task at hand, and with a sense of joy in my heart instead of dread. The task was no longer too big.

As I reflect back on this experience, I can’t help but think about how faithful God is to me and to all who call on God’s name. Not only helping us to see, when our way is not the way, but also guiding us and helping us to see a new way. A way that lifts our spirit, renews our strength, gives us hope, and helps us to remain faithful. How awesome is that? It’s much more than words can convey. It is indescribable!

For those interested in song, Indescribable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-zJHgaoVa4.


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