No Man (Woman or Child) Is An Island…

Sometimes the idea of being on an island can be very appealing. It carries with it the image of being away or at a distance. Somehow it can seem safe and perhaps a way to hold onto a sense of peace and to preserve oneself from the busyness and, at times chaos, of the world around us.

When Peter says to Jesus, “Rabbi, it is good that we are here! Let us make three tents: one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.” (Mark 9:5), I envision Peter recognizing that this (the Transfiguration) is a sacred moment…One to be held onto, preserved, and honored. What better way than to mark the spot of the occasion with tents? …a tent…a dwelling place.

That’s not God’s intent though. Yes, this is a special moment and definitely one to be remembered and cherished, but not in the physical or material sense. It is to dwell within the body, cherished in the heart and in the mind. And it is not to be left on the mountain, but to be carried back down into the flow of everyday life, enabling Peter, James and John, enabling us, to face the road ahead, changing the way we take in and respond to the everyday, eventually extending beyond us, sometimes by example, and sometimes by word.

Whether it is through mountaintop moments or subtle whisperings, that which begins as a private matter between us and God is strengthened and our faith truly flourishing when it is in relationship with God and with others; being there for each other, being with each other, being fully present in a gentle, caring and loving way.

Unity – No Man Is An Island by Tenth Avenue North


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