Follow The Yellow Brick Road…

As The Wizard of Oz cast took their bows, I felt a surge of emotion. What a blessing to witness such a production and to see the smiles on all of those faces. In the moments before the curtain closed, I found myself holding back tears as I marveled at the journey to this point.

While I only know the specifics of the journey and the growth that belongs to two of those many faces, I found myself feeling so happy for, and proud of, all of them…the whole team. I had seen the way they worked together and encouraged each other. My heart so touched by it.

In just three short weeks, there were roles assigned, parts learned, direction given and taken, and a whole lot of collaborating, cooperating and working together. Talk about tasting and seeing the goodness of God! There was value placed in every part of the show from the smallest of roles to the biggest; no one part was bigger than the whole.

These children and teens led by young adults had accomplished what often seems to be virtually impossible in the adult world. That is, genuine harmony (not just getting along to go along). They were able to focus on being the best they could be, individually and collectively; and never at the expense of any one member. They were able to cheer each other on, lift each other up, and to see and celebrate each other’s gifts.

They did not tear each other down. They did not allow their differences or envy, jealousy, fear, anxiety, or insecurity to get in the way. No, instead they were driven by the common desire for the show to succeed. This did not mean there were to be no mistakes or that there was an expectation of perfection. In fact, one of my favorite moments of the show was when something did not go according to plan and everyone rallied around each other and improvised. There were no fingers pointing or eyes rolling. It was so interesting, too, to see how the vibe from the backstage and then the stage carried over into the audience. It was so refreshing to be in such a positive, life-giving environment.

So how did this happen? I believe it happened by adhering to the golden rule and treating each, and every, person with dignity and respect. That is what good leaders do. Not only that, but they also inspire others to follow their example. Thank you, Heather for allowing the Spirit of God to shine, lighting the way for others.


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