To Have Faith Like Abraham…

It’s interesting to start out in one direction only to end up in another. The drawing below started out as a broken heart, as I pondered and sat with the sadness I felt over situations around me. However, the more I sat and drew, the more at peace I felt. And when I was done, and it came time for a title, as I looked at the drawing, all I could think was “Abraham.”

The Book of Genesis reveals many trials and tribulations as well as triumphs. Within its pages is the story of the man who started out as Abram, but ended up as Abraham. And while he, like any human being, was not perfect, his life and relationship with God serves as a great example; both are marked by perseverance, faithfulness, and trust. Abraham sought to do the Lord’s will…to do right by God.

Despite the circumstances around him, Abraham was able to see what God had done for him, how God had provided for him, and how God had been with him. To look at Abraham’s life is to see the light of God shining in, shining through, and filling up the holes created by human experience.

Even in his own failings, or perceived failings, Abraham chose God…chose life, time after time. With Abraham, there was always room for God, for the desire for God and to do right by God. There was a confidence, hope and trust that was constant; there was also a sense of freedom. Abraham knew who he was before God and allowed God to help him as he strove to embrace and live out his part of salvation history.

“Abraham” – “The father of many.” To have faith like Abraham…to allow God to shine in us, through us, and beyond us, wherever we go.




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