When you see a chance…

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to visit with a sibling who resides out of state, but who was unexpectedly going to be in town for part of the day. The visit was on very short notice and was going to be very short in length too. However, it was wonderful to see and experience how in those few hours, there was so much quality. We had such an enjoyable visit. What a blessing.

When our time together was over, my sibling and her family headed back from where they came. We all felt so grateful for the time we had. It was amazing to me that such a brief time together could kindle such feelings of love, warmth and gratitude, strengthening the bond between us.

So often, brief and/or simple encounters with others can have such a profound effect. Oftentimes, though, it can be tempting to think that a small amount of time makes no difference or is not worth the effort. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In matters of life and death minutes…seconds or less, can be crucial, to the overall outcome.

I wonder, what might the world look like if time and use of time, no matter how small or big, was considered more in terms of life and death? While this may seem radical to some, and obvious to others, it is in essence what my faith calls me to…hoping for me to do.

As I journey, I am called to choose between life and death along the way. I (we) are called to be aware and to move toward the opportunities to be with, and to be there for others. Maybe more often than not, those opportunities come in small ways requiring a short amount of time, but in the middle, or in the heat of, our hectic lives. How do we recognize them? How do we allow ourselves to let go and to be guided to the opportunities before us?



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