As I look around I see trees of autumn colors, squirrels foraging and leaves falling and drifting…floating…turning and twisting…blown around in the breeze as they make their way to the ground. It is striking how marvelous God’s handiwork is. There is so much motion, so much work, in one way or another, almost all the time.

I find it intriguing that so much in nature tolerates and adapts to changes in the air, while maintaining its essence. For example, at its core, a tree remains a tree whether or not it has leaves. Its roots, trunk and branches, for the most part, remain the same season-in and season-out. One could say that a tree remains faithful to its purpose despite the shedding of its leaves and the scurrying and flurrying of animals around it. Also, while a tree may sway with the wind, it is rooted in its stance, often bending and rarely breaking, in the overall scheme of things. How important healthy roots are.

Many years ago, I recall so vividly seeing the roots of a tree as it was being pummeled by gale force winds. With each gust, the tree swayed. The grass around it started to lift as the winds continued and the roots underneath were exposed.

It seemed certain that the tree would topple, but it did not. My father and a neighbor braved the storm and worked quickly to tether the tree. In those moments, despite the storm, the root of humanity was exposed. My father and the neighbor were drawn out of the safety and warmth of their homes, helping each other and the tree to weather the storm. As a result many roots grew stronger that day.

Be faithful and helpful, and allow others to do the same.



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