Do not worry. Trust in God. Seek to do God’s will and all will be well. All of creation is provided for and carries on from moment to moment and day to day. Remember this.

What great advice, no…what wisdom. Easier said than done though. With all the brain power in the human mind one would think it would be easier than it is. That it would be second nature to remember the truth and not to worry. However, it is not. It takes practice and discipline to learn or re-learn how to simply be, let alone how to think about tomorrow, but not worry or attach so many plans to it that any hope for spontaneity or re-direction is lost.

While Jesus says not to worry about tomorrow, he does not say not to think about tomorrow. He cautions us. It is good to look ahead, but to do so without jumping ahead and submerging oneself in tomorrow, leaving behind and perhaps missing out on today and the gifts, blessings and opportunities that it carries.

When one looks at the birds and see how they fly and soar so free-spirited, it is not hard to imagine that Jesus wants the same for us. Deep down, if not close to the surface, we share this desire to fly and soar untethered by worries, possessions or anything else that might seek to hold us back.

Sometimes though, maybe we are too smart for our own good. Thinking that we know what is best for us and zooming in on it to the exclusion of all things other or readily dismissing them in the hunt for the golden prize. What happens though when the goal is reached, the prize in hand and there is still something missing or awry?

Stevie Wonder sings, “Like a branch on a tree I keep reachin’ to be free…” (A Place In The Sun written by Brian Wells and Ronald N. Miller). Branches mostly reach out and up as with open arms. They are pathways and resting spots for creatures of all kinds along their way. They stand tall, soaking in the sun, swaying in the wind, bearing the rain or the weight of the snow, and faithfully…patiently waiting to bloom or for the last leaves to fall.

“God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone,
but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars.” – Martin Luther.

A tree simply, beautifully being a tree; authentically being what it was created to be. As it is with all living things that remain true, an image of strength, character and endurance. A sign for all ages.



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