Room to Grow…

The human body contains numerous growth plates. These plates exist at the end of our bones, in areas of the body such as the foot, leg, elbow, etc. They are located in areas where there is much physical growth that occurs from birth often through early adulthood. Simply put, we were designed and created with everything we need, including room to grow.

It is no coincidence that our bodies are built with growth in mind. It is also no coincidence that at the very essence of humanity is the ability to grow in many ways, both as individuals and in communion. Often as we grow in stature, we learn through experience, or we at least have the opportunities to learn, and mature emotionally and spiritually as well.

As we handle and see our way through what once may have seemed insurmountable or far beyond reach, we grow stronger, we discover something new, or we tap into or uncover what we did not know existed within. We are multi-dimensional and that is a good thing so long as it does not lead to being pushed, pulled, or led astray.

While duplicity is all around, and is sly like a fox, it is no match for the heart that seeks and strives to be faithful and sincere.

No matter how many times one may stammer or fall, there is always Grace to be had and faith to be built upon. When we are able to ask for help, acknowledging and moving beyond our own mistakes, and forgiving others theirs, the grace of God reigns within and around us. It returns us to love, calling us to remember the truth and to realize once more that we are more alike than different. It is ready and willing to help us not only to recognize, but also guiding us to that which brings out the inherent goodness in each other; reaffirming the image of God in which we are created and helping us to grow. It is then, that we truly experience what it means to worship in Spirit and truth.

“God is Spirit, and those who worship God must worship in Spirit and truth.” – Jesus to the woman at the well in the Gospel according to John, chapter 4, verses 4-42.



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