In a Few Words…

When my daughter was very young, not even a toddler, her and her brother used to take great interest in a toy with one button in particular that resulted in a catchy tune with the voice of a woman singing “Hello” in a few different languages. I can still hear the tune and the words being sung… “Hello!”… “Hola!” … “Bon Jour!” … “Kon’nichiwa!” I can still see the joy on my children’s faces as they listened to the song, taking in the words. I also recall the joy in my heart as I witnessed their joy.

It seems that each year at Easter I think of that toy. I also think about how a few years removed from it, the children seemed to take on the same kind of fascination, but this time, brought about by a pause in music on a CD that we had. During the pause, there were three booming knocks, three times, followed by a spoken Easter greeting and response in various languages from across the globe. “Christ is risen!/Truly He is risen!,” “Christos Anesti!/Alithos Anesti!,” “Al Maseeh Qam!/Haqan Qam!,” “Khristos Voskrese/Vo Istenu Voskrese,” … “Krishti U Ngjall!/Vertet U Ngjall!,”… “Kristos Tensiu!/Behake Tensiu!,” … and “Gaydolk Folkwoot Leew!/Ta Koksut Folkwoot Leew!”

Since then, each year, we have listened to this part of the CD, captivated by the pause, the booming knocks on the church doors (symbolizing the tomb being opened by the risen Christ) and the greetings that follow. Each year we are reminded, in a very special way, of the depth and breadth of God’s love for us, and all our sisters and brothers…for all humanity and all creation.

May the promise of new life that comes with spring bring the joy, hope, and peace of Easter to all.



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