What’s The Story?

“Everyone has a story to tell.” These were the words on a t-shirt. Yes, there is a story behind and within everyone as well as everything. The t-shirt was striking. It was black and the words white. It was reminiscent of a chalkboard, from younger days, that would be erased at the end of each day. In a blank state, it held promise and possibility for the day to come…a new day, another chance.

Over the past week or so, further signs of spring (flowers pushing through the earth, a bounty of singing birds, warming temperatures and more) have been appearing here and there. Along with the bursts of color and sound, life is renewed in both what is new and what is old. In looking more closely, there is often more than what is initially revealed. There waits a story, perhaps a message, beyond what meets the eye or turns the ear.

Every year in New England, as season’s change, nature’s slate, although not erased or hidden completely, changes also. It gives way to birth and re-birth in so many ways. There is something new with each day even when we cannot see it or do not notice it. So often, spring seems to blossom out of nowhere, yet we know it has been in the making all winter long, and carrying over from year to year. Our lives are similar. We are offered opportunities with each hour, each day, and each year. Whether we fully realize it or not, each day in a sense is a fresh start…a blank slate…an empty canvas. How we see it and what we fill it with… what we put on it, is up to us.

Sometimes knowingly, sometimes not, we resist the call to change. We resist the Way that seeks to bring us, one day at a time, one moment at a time, into fullness of life…into wholeness. “Everyone has a story tell,” and what a story it can be when we embrace who we truly are. When we remember how blessed we are.

“In your offspring, all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”
– God to Abraham as written in Acts 3:25



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