Emmaus in Our Midst…

A number of years ago, I recall watching a news segment where an oncologist was talking about viruses, and how throughout our lives we all have viruses that appear and then disappear. The doctor went on to say that, at times, these viruses can create cancer cells, that sometimes our bodies get rid of them, and sometimes the cells remain. Of those ones, they may one day become active, they may just stay unchanged, causing no noticeable difference or harm, or they may disappear.

These days, cancer seems rampant, not only as a health issue, but also in organizations and communities. How do we stop it? Perhaps, sometimes, we cannot. Surely, though, we cannot give up.

As I think about all the people, I know or have known who have battled cancer, more than anything the spirit with which they faced their illness comes to mind. Whether or not they survived cancer, I have no doubt that they overcame it.

While there are many cancers in the world, often eating away at and perhaps breaking us down, oftentimes in the darkness and confusion that is brought about, simply, yet beautifully comfort, peace, and strength are waiting to shine through. We must remember that we are in God’s hands. Truly, there is nothing to fear…nothing to lose. All that is, or was, will be filled with something more…something better…something greater. All that is really left, and all that really matters, is to be faithful and to believe.

Each time we allow our spirits to be lifted up and sustained by God, like Jesus, we rise. We move above, and beyond, that which would seek to destroy us.

Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35), we need to recount, remember, take comfort in God’s presence, invite the Lord to walk with us… to be with us and in us. We must rejoice and, always, keep the faith.



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